Pipeline Role

I have been chosen by dylan to direct and be the acting scout.

I had worked in florida last year with many actors because we had an acting major at my past university. I have also had to direct every film I’ve ever made because I haven’t had the resources to hire one. Directing is about being able to pre visualize the mood an environment is giving and being able help everyone who isn’t behind the camera move and act in the correct manner. Directors are perfectionist, I am not but I have the ability to talk with people in order to get something done and done right.

I first met actors at OSU through friends from high school. I have had a chance to sit in on a couple of their sessions and film them as they did improv. They are artist just like us and are in the same if not more competitive job market and need experience. I am going to email the head of the department tomorrow and ask to send an email to all the students offering to take part. Also if anyone in our group wants to try acting we can use us.


Pipeline project Explanation

Hello all,


I have been given the task of creating a video for a pipeline project in my design for cinema class. I had first pondered light painting and a fake flash mob fight/ dance scene. After working without really finding interest in any of these subjects I took the time to think what would reflect me. I am a Cinematic art major and would like very much to work on Television when I graduate. This gave me the initial idea to create a commercial. Then by pure random/awesomeness I was assigned to storyboard a commercial in my Narrative and Storytelling class. Thus Creating a commercial was what I was going to present for this project.


The past weekend I stayed with my best friend growing up. We had a blast coming up with quirky ideas. These would never get to the screen but had useful way of helping the creativity flow. His father who I feel comfortable enough calling dad came in the room we were working in. Then it hit me like a freaking sack of potatoes. I’ll create a commercial for Mark! (Or mister Scanlon but he’ll tell you that’s his father’s name.) All the way from Maine he came down to Cincinnati after college to start his own Chiropractic Company (Progressive Chiropractic). Mark isn’t your typical doctor even though his nickname is doc. He is one of the most animated people I have ever met on this blue and green earth. I offered him the idea of creating a commercial to attract more customers around the Tri-State area. He excitedly accepted and offered any help he could. This being said we now have access to three buildings, a doctor’s office, and any parking lots or woods surrounding the area he owns.  He also informed me he has been attempting to make a commercial for the past few years but didn’t have the money or experience (not Talent) to make one. Lets help mark and the Progressive Chiropractic family help the community of Cincinnati.


The “Maine” Attraction

This Idea is sappy and all but how do we make it happen? Well sit right down and I’ll tell you! The premise is it is the last day before the Mayan calendar’s end of the world date Dec 21st 2012. This will be the first thing you see on the screen silhouetted by a Black Background. It will then cut to a news reporter on the streets while riots and chaos occur in the background. Typical news graphics will be all over the screen and a “***Breaking news Mayan Calendar causes Riots around the world***” will be running at the bottom. The reporter will cover the situation bringing the viewer into the scene and right before he can finish he will be tackled by a man. The cameraman looks over to the direction the man came from (seen through the cameras “eye”) and is tackled as well. This causes motion blur and a nice transition to the next scene of a few guys who attempt to flip over a parked car. They chaotically scramble to the car and without coherently thinking lift the car with their backs instead of legs. This pulls there backs and they all drop making over exaggerated faces of pain. Behind the car a group of people running down the street in terror coming from the left to right side of the camera. Before they can exit right the camera pans with them until it reaches a “Television” Store. Where is becomes stationary again. A man comes out with a large heavy Television. He takes a few steps out the door and throws out his back struggling with it and the TV falls on his chest as he falls backwards. As he hits the ground the camera goes to black and a man is lighting a motive cocktail illuminating his face in a dark street ally. He then attempts to toss it at a building but throws out his arm in the process. It then transitions to two people a little further up the street from the man fighting and zooms in on them. They are fighting. I wanted to make an ode to million-dollar baby and matrix in this scene. There are all over the shoulder shots until the 3rd punch is thrown where it then cuts to a stage view. The one man dodges the punch doing the matrix while throwing out his back in the process and the other comes down on his neck on a brick in the street as he misses his intended target. The last shot is a close up of the man hurting his neck and closing his eyes. Then it fades to black. Shows the date of the next day. It comes to a scene of a man opening his eyes (using fade effects to show eyes opening) and the camera is from his point of view. He is on a bed and Doc (Mark) is there standing over the patient. The room is very white and almost surreal for a few seconds. The man raspily expresses the classic “am I in heaven line”? Mark simply says no no my friend go back to sleep. Goes back to black then opens up on mark walking through his building next to his patients beds and showing them all hurt waiting in line out the door. As he’s walking the camera is dolling with him. (keep actors consistent in patient beds to the chaotic scenes) He will be saying “I may not be god but I’m the best doc around.” Come to progressive chiro, Address, location (as he walks outside). Also interacts with customers saying names and jokes (being himself) as he’s walking through giving info.




Scene one- urban street news reporter at sunset around 6pm with many graphics showing it is a news report.

Portrait view of the reporter

Camera looks left and is “tackled”

Scene two- urban street but taken up mostly by a car then three heads come to left side of the screen, one points then the camera shows the men trying to lift, cuts to a close up of their backs and as it does they pull muscles in them.

Scene three- guy gets hit by a car in same shot

Scene four- people running down the urban street, camera follows them, to TV store where man comes out with heavy TV and trips on sidewalk making the TV crush him

Scene five- an ally is adjacent to Television store and the camera follows someone running away from the chaos as protection but finds himself in a fight in an ally. They break their backs reenacting matrix and million dollar baby main fight scenes.

Scene six- Man awakes in hospital bed POV shot. “Am I in heaven? “

“No no get some rest”

Doc giving info walking through building past patients from the night before

Walks all the way outside and when he goes outside you see him in front of his building and he gives all the details. Graphics and details outside





Supply’s needed


Homemade dolly 15$

Lights – can provide

Camera and tripod- can provide

Motive cocktail- can provide

Car- can provide

Brick- 3 dollars Lowes

Costumes may need some help finding




Video production


Motion graphics


Friend Produces music and is helping me with the sound track





Marks offices

Boarded up buildings/areas around CCAD Long Street

Short North Parking lot with Graffiti wall

I have my own car and a friend’s car able to transport from Columbus to Cincinnati or anywhere in Columbus.






During production

Costume or clothes designer

(I can do on my own but It’s not my strong suit)

7 people to act but I also have friends at OSU in the acting program that have helped in videos before.

One camera operator

One soundman or woman

One light/whiteboard holder



Video editors (though this is my strongest artistic medium)

Someone who enjoys sound editing would be preferred

Someone who knows typography but again I am more than able to do the job






Finalize all camera movements dialogue and music




Filming first section in Columbus 3/3-3/10

Fliming second section on Cincinnati (transportation can be provided but if you have a car let me know). 3/8-3/17

Editing –TBA


Will have a more detailed schedule once I know who is in my group and who has the ability to drive.

Hope you pick Mark for our pipeline project.


Have a good Morning all.



Menagerie Final

My Final pieces for Assignment 1 Menagerie

Through these hand figures I plan to make an animatic in my Storyboarding Class and  would like to follow up with creating a war scene animation.

Theses pieces show how it moves, the color scheme and an environment in which it could be seen in.

Hand Silhouettes

Here I have furthered my exploration of this character through Silhouettes. I am still working to finalize my final three by changing the Handimation piece to pen with more spread out hands moving. I also am going to remake Big Bertha with a more accurate rendition and with better placement of the images.