Hand Characters Final

HANDle This

After many hours straining my brain in my room at wee hours in the night I finally came to a conclusion. I decided to stop over thinking this project and take advantage of this interesting design I’ve created. These are simply character ideas for my next animation project. I have given them a beautiful yet creepy aesthetic through in depth study of the hand and how it moves. I was given great help from my anatomy teacher and learned just about how every muscle and bone work together. I incorporated a chilling bone cannon to the creatures “left arm” and each is attached to another hand by a tentacle like tail. While contemplating how to attach the hands I came to a mental road block. I certain I needed to attach them but soon decided to trash the idea. Then! the block hit me square in the face as I was watching avatar (no not the last air bender). The alien people connect to each other and their planet through these tentacles on their heads. These looked almost exactly like my creatures tails. My creatures tails are attached until they die and then they release from each other.

Title: Big Bertha

Title: The Hand of War

Title: Handimation


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