Pipeline Role

I have been chosen by dylan to direct and be the acting scout.

I had worked in florida last year with many actors because we had an acting major at my past university. I have also had to direct every film I’ve ever made because I haven’t had the resources to hire one. Directing is about being able to pre visualize the mood an environment is giving and being able help everyone who isn’t behind the camera move and act in the correct manner. Directors are perfectionist, I am not but I have the ability to talk with people in order to get something done and done right.

I first met actors at OSU through friends from high school. I have had a chance to sit in on a couple of their sessions and film them as they did improv. They are artist just like us and are in the same if not more competitive job market and need experience. I am going to email the head of the department tomorrow and ask to send an email to all the students offering to take part. Also if anyone in our group wants to try acting we can use us.


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