Camera and Sound ideas

Shot Ideas

-First shot POV of phone with her out of focus doing morning routine in the background.

-In shower shoulders up model can use clothes/ bathing suit in shower as long as she feels comfortable.

-Grabs keys maybe shows a quick bit of eating breakfast and emphasizes the knife cutting whatever foods on the plate

-Facial expressions should be extremely blunt

(Twilight faces) clearly in deep thought

All quick cuts in editing to show the insignificance of these events in her day

Maybe have same pov looking at her face then only background changes

(these shots will have hints in the background to allude to a struggle)

-bloody hand prints on wall

-picture knocked down in the begging and not the end

also random flashes through the story of the night of the murder

Opens door

Hand on door shot then shot of her with camera outside

Pov shot of looking at her face walking down the street

Distortion of faces as they walk by with after affects distortion affect

Time-lapse affect while sitting on bench

Slow motion while beths talking then Maya are you even listening

Also sound and mouth movements could be unsynced

Maya could hear whispers in her head as Beth speaks

Grabs Maya says need to take to hospital then Maya makes eye contact for the first time screams Beth startled steps back and Maya runs


Maybe the boyfriend comes to Maya in the park like first date, she relives it and then as he reaches for her hand the camera looks at him again and instead its Beth and the actual day and time


Sound effects needed

-In studio recording of answering machine lines

With this, in scene have light audio of what’s happening.

Random screams in the studio

Deep breathes in recording studio

Bangs to simulate footsteps in studio

Random whispers in recording studio that are edited to sound quite and in her head

Sounds from Maya over the shoulder shots are distorted while over the shoulder shots from Beth are clear and normal

Recordings of whispers come in to play over Mayas shots

As she runs away she hears you did it?


Side notes

Maya has turned delirious and keeps relieving the day through this day about a month after the situation

Answering machine tells this

Hints in the background

Boyfriend in park scene

Voices saying you did it

Him in bathroom mirror

Final struggle with him in real room

Maybe she has flash backs the whole time but they get more consistent at the end  and finally turn real at final fight


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