Finals finals finals…

After first getting light readings earlier in the week I took my two models and got to work. Here are the raw photos I photographed for my photography final. The final is a short story I plan to put into after affects and priemer to create a video of photos. I also plan to use video editing to give a double exposure look through transitions.

Still have more work to do but looking forward to it, photography has been a very calming process during exam week.


A little more fun

The past few weeks the CCAD photography classes have been going over portrait photography. My friend has scars on his body from when he lived back in Kenya and I thought photographing them would be a much better self portrait than just photographing his face nicely.

Alternative Photos

Here are a few other photos I didn’t end up using as well as some practiced attempts at using what I have learned about lighting and putting it to practice. I hope to have a lot stronger subject matter in my next weeks practiced photos. I also am planning to do a few self portraits as well.

I feel as though I have learned many things about how lighting and how it affects the quality of color and significance of a piece. Dramatic lighting can be intense situations and softer lighting can be a subtle conversation. The light affects the way the brain perceives the emotion and the setting of a piece.  I am training my eye to better mold the light the way I perceive it in my head.

Photo Habits of the Week

Here is my second round of photos. I was very proud of how these turned out and I hope to get into subject matter more now that I have learned much about lighting.

I am going to start using more transparent objects and see how lighting affects them differently.

I would also like to focus on colors and how to make them work with the situations that are random in life rather than through editing or controlled lighting.


Photography is an interestingly difficult skill to master. I started taking my first film photo classes from my high-school teacher Greg Stanforth who is an expert. I learned a lot about how cameras worked and a lot about the technical part such as composition that goes into well taken photos. He soon taught me how to create interesting photos too look at but I lacked in subject matter and in getting colors exactly how I want them when I hit the shutter.

This assignment has given me the freedom to look at many photographers over time to exam their use of color and lighting. This has given me a lot of time to think about what I would like to photograph. I then use my past knowledge to make the composition visually pleasing. For this first round of photos I just have taken shots to understand color and lighting. Once I have control of this I want to start focusing on subject matter as well. Seeing the different shutter speeds together really teaches me how the technical aspects work with the randomness of lighting in nature. I can really see how I’m going to start improving my light and colors before taking it into Photoshop.

Final Idea

I have decided on a final idea for my creative habit. I am going to photograph friends and myself at different times of the day and at different camera settings and locations. I will then put the photos in a spread sheet showing the different shutter speeds from left to right, then the different locations labeled in columns from top to bottom.  at the end of each week I will also make Gifs out of the different shutter speeds.

The first week will be window shots. The second week will be shots at golden hour in the morning and at night. The third week will be shots at night . The fourth week will be shots during the day. The Fifth week will be dramatic lighting.


Dailey habit

I am planning to focus on photography for this project. My photography skills are good but to be a cinematic arts major I believe I need to be the best. I am looking to improve my portrait photography to enhance close up shots in my films.

Idea #1

Everyday take a picture of myself in the mirror or have a friend take the photo after I have set up the shot. I will be using the same background at three different times of the day to see lighting differences. At the end of each week I will make a GIF loop of the photos to keep as reference for future shots. (possibly use a different area/background every week to get more light ranges)

Idea #2

Growing up my father made a point at every dinner the family together had to give their favorite, least favorite, and happiest moments of their day to the rest of the family. It would start with something good then bad then good. I want to take this idea but make a photo project out of it. I would take photos of these events instead of speaking them.