Dailey habit

I am planning to focus on photography for this project. My photography skills are good but to be a cinematic arts major I believe I need to be the best. I am looking to improve my portrait photography to enhance close up shots in my films.

Idea #1

Everyday take a picture of myself in the mirror or have a friend take the photo after I have set up the shot. I will be using the same background at three different times of the day to see lighting differences. At the end of each week I will make a GIF loop of the photos to keep as reference for future shots. (possibly use a different area/background every week to get more light ranges)

Idea #2

Growing up my father made a point at every dinner the family together had to give their favorite, least favorite, and happiest moments of their day to the rest of the family. It would start with something good then bad then good. I want to take this idea but make a photo project out of it. I would take photos of these events instead of speaking them.


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