Photography is an interestingly difficult skill to master. I started taking my first film photo classes from my high-school teacher Greg Stanforth who is an expert. I learned a lot about how cameras worked and a lot about the technical part such as composition that goes into well taken photos. He soon taught me how to create interesting photos too look at but I lacked in subject matter and in getting colors exactly how I want them when I hit the shutter.

This assignment has given me the freedom to look at many photographers over time to exam their use of color and lighting. This has given me a lot of time to think about what I would like to photograph. I then use my past knowledge to make the composition visually pleasing. For this first round of photos I just have taken shots to understand color and lighting. Once I have control of this I want to start focusing on subject matter as well. Seeing the different shutter speeds together really teaches me how the technical aspects work with the randomness of lighting in nature. I can really see how I’m going to start improving my light and colors before taking it into Photoshop.


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