Collaborative projects progress

I have finished a final edit after the suggestions given on monday. Annie, Justin, and I are working on a way to work the audio into the section where it drops off. I am working to get all the files that need color correction into a folder for Niko, Justin and I. I’m excited to start implementing the graphics into the final edit and start working with the animation team.

ce_1CE_2.pngCE_3.pngCE_4.pngCE_5.pngCE_6.pngCE_7.pngCE_8.pngCE_9.pngCE_10.pngThese are the images and times. I am currently trying to get the drive to create a folder with the RAW files for these scenes.


Animating and Editing this week

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 8.37.06 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-11-20 at 8.39.38 PM.png

I have had the challenge of tackling five major projects this semester and it is getting to crunch time. I have close to three complete while still finishing a logo design, Demo reel, and a location piece for collaborative projects class. The final edit for the Collaborative projects piece is almost there with a few more tweeks to completion.

Interesting Weekend

I find a great peace in myself when I create projects without having a goal in mind and rather letting the artwork find me. I am generally a happy outgoing person but we all have hardships to deal with no matter who we are. I used photography this weekend as a form of meditation and reflection. I would like to continue this photography habit for the next thirty days to help my work and myself.DSC04330.jpgIMG_8882.jpgIMG_8911.jpg