The End of the Semester

This past two weeks has been packed with sleepless nights and lots of coffee. My collaborative projects class is coming too an end and we have made some great work. We worked with film Columbus this semester to create an incentive video for filmmakers from LA to come shoot in Columbus. We shot many locations with many early mornings starting at 5am to finally come to this piece we have now. We still need a few more graphics added in the morning but the project is finally coming to an end.

Here is a link to the video, if you would like to see it please email me.

The semester has been long and filled with miscommunication but I think that is an important lesson I have learned this semester. As a team we could not succeed until we communicated together to create this great piece.

These past two weeks I have been using dynamic linking for the first time in a professional setting for a client and I find it extremely useful. I could take the work my class mates were giving to me in Premier Pro to add on top of my edit while editing there original after effects graphics. I believe this was the point of the class, to combine animation with video and though it was many hours I really enjoyed being able to edit video with animation.

Thank you, Film Columbus and, thank you Carol Delgrosso


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